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Last Executed Tests for Public API

Test NameTest DescriptionSuccess
Comments/media/{media-id}/comments: get a list of recent comments on a media object
Likes/media/{media-id}/likes: get a list of users who have liked this media
Location - Recent/locations/{location-id}/media/recent: get a list of recent media objects from a given location
Location - Search/locations/search: search for a location by geographic coordinate
Location ID/location/{location-id}: get information about a location
Media Idmedia/{media-id}: get information about media object
Media Popularmedia/popular: Get a list of what media is most popular at the moment
Media Searchmedia/search: Search for media in a given area
Media Shortcodemedia/shortcode: A media object's shortcode
Relationship users/{user-id}/relationship: Get information about a relationship to another user.
Relationship - Postusers/{user-id}/relationship: Modify the relationship between the current user and the target user.
Relationships - Followed by/users/{user-id}/followed-by: Get the list of users this user is followed by
Relationships - Followsusers/{user-id}/follows: Get the list of users the user follows.
Tag Recent/tags/{tag-name}/media/recent: get a list of recent media
Tag Search/tags/search: Search for tags by name
Tag-name/tags/tag-name: get information about a tag object
User Feedusers/self/feed: See the authenticated user's feed
User idusers/{user-id}: get basic information about a user
User likedusers/self/media/liked: authenticated user's list of media they've liked.
User media recentusers/{user-id}/media/recent: Get the most recent media published by a user.
User media recent (client_id)users/{user-id}/media/recent/?client_id=YOUR-CLIENT_ID: Get the most recent media published by a user, using the client_id
User searchusers/search: Search for a user by name.
full navigationnavigates down the user and the media object
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Last Executed Tests for We Eatt

Test NameTest DescriptionSuccess
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